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Bread Tarleton

Cartoonist and Illustrator

A portrait of cartoonist and illustrator Bread Tarleton. They are standing outside in a courtyard on a sunny day with a background of green vines and a blue garden gate. They are a tall white person with long blonde hair. They are wearing a black collared shirt with black buttons.

Hey! I'm Bread!

I create comics, typically made digitally, using digital collage and mixed media to build unrestrained worlds and to convey complex emotions within my characters. I am heavily influenced by graphic novels and films focusing on meta-narrative and psychology, and the way those are used to understand characters in unique ways. 


My work is typically comedic and juxtaposes humor with characters growing after traumatic periods of their lives. This combination builds a positive representation of people moving through challenging situations and builds hope within readers of my work. 


Together, I use mixed media, humor, and meta-narrative to build moments of association and dissociation, reflection and connection throughout a book, allowing readers to step in and out of a character's mind and emotions, letting them see the character from all sides.


The goal of these many perspectives on a character, and my work in general, is to allow people to reflect positively on the challenges of their lives, to help them laugh, and to see themselves represented. The stories and characters I create are reflections of what I wish to see in the world: love, care, and growth. 


2024, Soften the Blow, Fieldmouse Press

2023, Flip Turn, Self Published (CupCAKE Award winner)

2023, BodyBuilding, Self Published

2022, Bruce Fort: Professional Bully, So-So Press

2021, Capn Durk, Self Published

2019, Losing Comics, Self Published

2018, The Woods, Self Published

2018, This is the World I am, Self Published

2018, Big Grungus, Self-published, with Ocean Jones

Editorial works:

2023, the Atlas of Billy Dean Vol 2: Explicitly Queer, A.B.O. Comix, Billy Thomas

2023, The Atlas of Billy Dean Vol 1, A.B.O. Comix, Billy Thomas

2022, A Queer Prisoner’s Comix Anthology: Edition V, A.B.O. Comix, Various Artists

2022, Bod-E of Work, A.B.O. Comix, E.L. Tedana

2021, Boy of Hearts, A.B.O. Comix, Sirbrian Spease

2021, Podlife Vol. 1, A.B.O. Comix, Harold Lee

2021, Dark Matters and Prophecy: Secrets of the Ouija Board, A.B.O. Comix, Jefferson Borba de Souza

2021, Hope: Rise of a Trans Woman Superhero, A.B.O. Comix, Tyreise Swain

2021, Any Way but Straight, A.B.O. Comix, Gabriella Wyatt

Anthology Pieces:

2023, Virtual Woman, Far Too Fat Issue 3, Far Too Fat

2022, Dans la Terre, Meandering Realms

2021, Virtually IRL, Malt Adult 22 Zine, Malt Adult

2021, Dogfish Love, Swim On 7, Swim On


2023, Flip Turn Publication interview with Sequential Philly

2023, Review of 2022 work by Rob Clough 

2022, Bruce Fort: Professional Bully Interview with Tim Patton

2021, CupCake Award interview with Sequential Philly


2023, Fellowship at The Soapbox Community Print Shop

2022, CupCAKE Award, Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE)

2021, Illustration Mentorship Grant, Koyama Provides


2021, Bookbinding workshop with Free Library of Philadelphia

2022-2023, multiple Bookbinding and zine-making workshops at The Soapbox

2023, Bookbinding and Comics making workshops at the Free Library of Philadelphia


2019, MFA, Center for Cartoon Studies, White River Junction, VT

2017, BS, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA

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